Sunday, November 24, 2019

Persuit Of Attention (Book Review) essays

Persuit Of Attention (Book Review) essays In the book The Pursuit of Attention written by Charles Derber, Derber describes how social class has a huge impact on how much attention one gets. Many times the only reason people receive as much as attention as they get is because of their social class and/or status. In this book Derber states, In America, wealth, occupation, and education all significantly affects who gets attention in everyday interactions, with members of privileged groups receiving the most and those in subordinate groups experiencing a certain daily invisibility"(pg58) . This statement proves that people with more wealth and higher status will receive more attention then those in a lower position only because of their class. From my own personal experience I can see that in America the higher your status and wealth the more attention you get. For instance take a charity for an example, a well off person who will donate ten thousand dollars a year apposed to a middle class person who donates one thousand dollars a year most likely will have more attention paid to them because they are helping the charity out more, even though they are both making donations. The wealthy are paid more attention to because more people can benefit from them, then the middle class. In Derbers book he goes on to talk about how the dominant classes in society define themselves as having greater personal and social worth then those who are in loser positions or classes thus feeling they deserve more attention. Derber states, In America, the dominant classes are those which come to control economic, political, and cultural life"(pg59). I agree with this statement because it was been proving right many times. A good example of this is our political leaders. Many of the political leaders that we have in our country are well off before they were put into office and are well off after they leave office, with very few exceptions. Another example o...

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